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Datar Security Service Group

Datar Security Service Group


The leading provider of security and manpower solution services in India, Datar Security and Service Group (DSSG) has been trusted to overcome today’s security challenges. Over the years, DSSG has served various organizations and institutions with overall protection by deploying trained guards as well as innovative security technologies. The company acts as a valuable administrator between the people who protect and the ones who need to be protected. Each and every person associated with DSSG is sincerely dedicated to protecting the life, property and all other precious assets of our clients.

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Why Datar Security Service

DSSG established itself as an outstanding manpower solutions firm it diversified its portfolio by providing other services like cash security, armed security guards, housekeeping staff and banking. 


Our strategy focuses on customer commitments which work together towards realizing our vision.


Our planning involves broad strategies, identifying the  various needs, and establishing overall development pace.


Our development involves enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being.


Our capabilities are expanded by our own efforts.

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